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Jon Pastore English 1021 Dr. Gautier 4/09/07 What characteristics distinctly divide Elinor and Marianne from one another and how do these characteristics lead them both to eventual happiness? The two main characters of Sense and Sensibility are sisters, Elinor Dashwood and Marianne Dashwood, and the differences between them are strongly emphasized throughout the entire novel . Before the title of Sense and Sensibility was even given to Jane Austen’s famous novel it was simply entitled Elinor and Marianne . It was later changed to Sense and Sensibility because this more appropriately represented the model of opposites. These sisters have a very close relationship, but share diverse views and opinions when it comes to issues such as relationships and love. Each sister learns how to cope with love, inevitable heart break, and eventual happiness by the end of the novel. Elinor is the eldest sister of the three Dashwood girls and is the sister who represents sense. Austen says, “[Elinor] possessed a strength of understanding, and coolness of judgment…she had an excellent hear; her disposition was affectionate, and her feelings were strong; but she knew how to govern them” (Austen 3). She is especially logical and possesses a great deal of common sense. In the article Practical
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Wisdom and Moral Imagination in Sense and Sensibility, Stohr describes Elinor as being, “…the exemplar of moderation, propriety, and moral rectitude. She fulfills every major social duty without ever being obsequious or false. Always conscious of the demands of gratitude and family relationships, she defends people according to, but not beyond their true merits” (1 Stohr). She holds in her emotions well and maintains a very reserved attitude even in times of distress, but it almost seems as if Elinor holds in her emotions at times simply for the sake of propriety and decorum. While this may be very admirable because she is not over dramatic and has firm self-control over her emotions, it is not very healthy to keep these emotions building up inside of her. These characteristics clearly show that Elinor truly exemplifies the meaning of having sense. In contrast, Marianne is the sister that possesses sensibility. The definition of sensibility is an acute perception or responsiveness toward something, such as the emotions of one another. Marianne is very emotional, dramatic, and represents everything associated with sensibility. Austen describes her by saying, “She was
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Sense and Sensibility Paper - Jon Pastore English 1021 Dr....

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