gender%20syllabus%20sp080 - Sex, Gender and Society I...

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Unformatted text preview: Sex, Gender and Society I Socy/Wmst 1016 Spring 2008 Instructor: Glenda Walden and Kristina Kahl Contact info: 303-492-5217 or or Office: Glenda Ketchum 12 and Kristina Hours: MW 1:15-3pm and always by appt. Course Description : This class explores the idea and consequences of the socially constructed categories of gender. We will examine the socially recognized statuses of male and female and the socially disputed category of transgendered with special attention on the "just so stories" about men women and the rest of us that "naturalize" difference and "essential" characteristics. This should give us a fuller understanding of gender through the sociological perspective. Throughout our readings and discussions we will be placing gender and its effects in the larger context of stratification emphasizing the intersections of gender and other categories with sociological and social significance such as age, ethnicity, sexual identity, social class, and characteristics considered "disabilities." Required Text: Course packet and readings on CULearn listed in syllabus by number. The Table of Contents document references the readings in full. Course Objectives: Gain a rich understanding of the social forces that influence our understanding and experience of gender in everyday life especially as it interacts with other demographics; Enhance facility utilizing a sociological imagination that allows one to see their own situation and other phenomena as an interweaving of personal experience and cultural history; Question taken for granted assumptions about "what everybody knows" about gender, men, women, inequality, and social arrangements; Develop tools for critical analysis of information and arguments leading to deeper understanding of social conditions and ability to take effective action towards creating a life, relationships, and a world of which you can be proud. can be proud....
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gender%20syllabus%20sp080 - Sex, Gender and Society I...

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