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By examining Super Bowl advertisements through a sociological feminist perspective, we can see mass media representations of gender, race, class, and sexuality that reinforce hegemonic and inequitable social arrangements. It is important to recognize this because information from the media is internalized and reflected outward, making the pursuit of American Ideals a challenge for some groups, which in turn perpetuates agency tensions in society and reinforces the status quo of privilege. It is obvious from the commencement of the Super Bowl that men hold the power as millions gather around to watch the most physically able of the male species tackle one another. Fans are drawn to the event in celebration of the male body as well as the aggressive nature and premier athleticism of the football players, particularly of the African Americans. This admiration of black men is apparent in the Under Armor and T-Mobile ads, which praise black men not for their intellect, but for their physical perfection and what they are able to do with their bodies. Famous athletes like Dwayne Wade are shown with extremely tight clothing or no clothing to exhibit their muscles, making the sexuality factor prominent. We see more evidence of this obsession with the black male body,
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EXAMPLE%20short%20paper3 - By examining Super Bowl...

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