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Bio 152 Lynch lecture 3 and 4 Before lab

Bio 152 Lynch lecture 3 and 4 Before lab - interactions...

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Bio 152 Lecture 3 and 4 for Lynch…. Before class stuff. Read assignment from Campbell Concepts from text and lecture:Species interactions affect the distribution and abundance of organisms and also their evolution.Some species have a stronger influence on community composition than others. Effects can be DIRECT or INDIRECT.It can be very difficult to know which species have the strongest effects.Understand how interspecific competition can influence the distribution and abundance or organisms.What kinds of
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Unformatted text preview: interactions fall under "predator-prey"?How have strong interspecific interactions shaped the evolution of species. You should be able to come up with a few examples.What are the ways that keystone species can have such large impacts on communities? Terms:Communityinterspecific interactionsCompetitioncompetitive exclusion principlefundamental nicherealized nichecharacter displacement predationherbivoryparasitismmutualismtrophic structurefood webdominant specieskeystone species...
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