Midterm practice, just basic idea's for questions.

Midterm practice, just basic idea's for questions. - THESE...

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THESE ARE JUST PRACTICE QUESTIONS, AND SHOULD ONLY BE USED TO HELP PREPARE: For Friday's mid-term review, practice the below two types of exam questions that you will find on your mid-term: Identification/Interpretation and Essay. Directions:1. Answer the Identification/Interpretation in full and without the aid of your books. 2. Again, without the aid of books, answer the essay question (or at least develop a thesis and "rough" your answer out. Bring your answers to class on Friday--make sure they are legible if they are not typed.Practice questions:Identification and InterpretationIdentify the following passage, giving the title and author of the work. If appropriate, identify who is speaking in the passage (i.e. if the speaker is different from the author). In three to four sentences discuss how this passage is related to the larger themes and concerns of the work in which it appears. Wherever possible, be sure to make specific reference to language within the passage that is significant to understanding the passage’s meaning. 1. “And out he stalkedas a mountain lion exultant in his powerstrides
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