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Assigned reading for Ecology Unit – Day 1 (do before class) Lab manual – Forest Ecol wk 2Campbell 52.1 (density and dispersion topics only)Campbell 50.1-2, 50.4, Fig 50.10 (species distributions, abiotic and biotic factors, climate and biomes) Concepts:How can you estimate population density without having to find and count every single individual in a large area?What are the three basic patterns of dispersion? Which would you expect oak trees to have, and why? What about red-winged blackbirds?What kinds of approaches do
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Unformatted text preview: ecologists use to study ecology?Understand how dispersal, behavior, interactions with other species, and abiotic factors influence species ranges.At the global scale, what creates the major climatic regions, and how do these relate to the distribution of terrestrial biomes?At finer scales (subcontinental to regional), what factors influence the distribution of biomes? Terms:PopulationDensityDominanceDispersionDispersalAbiotic factors Biotic factorsClimateMicroclimateBiomes...
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