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Haymarket Riot A local newspaper, The Chicago Tribune, reported on the events immediately surrounding the Haymarket Riot. Although the specific author is unknown, we can tell that it was a reporter from the Chicago Tribune. This article was written to inform the public of the events that transpired on May 4, 1886, and the current status of the situation. The article is obviously leaning toward the side of the police and this is evident by the article going into details about officers’ deaths and saying nothing about the other innocent people hurt by the bomb. It is very clear that the article is against the Socialists
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Unformatted text preview: and makes it look as though they were preparing an army with hidden stores of guns and bombs. I did expect to see the article leaning towards the police side of the argument, but I did not expect the author to omit anything about civilian casualties. Another thing I expected to see in this article was the lack of any Sot rally after the events in Haymarket Square. This adds to my sense of this time period because I thought a majority of the population supported the Sots during this time. It is obvious to me now that most people tried to sever all ties with the Sot party after this incident occurred....
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