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James Andreoli LinC Dublin February 6, 2008 Ireland and the EU Ireland has decided to integrate their country with the EU, a definitely smart move for them. Basically the main benefit with this partnership is the fact that they will be incorporated into this group that is larger and more powerful international organization. The main benefit from the whole relationship is that Ireland will now have the support and backing of the European Union, all Europe that is. As well, Ireland will have access to a very powerful economic tool, that is the Euro. This currency is a very powerful currency in the world and will help to benefit Ireland in permitting easier trade and less hassle about exchange.
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Unformatted text preview: This was a very smart step for this relatively small and unknown economy. The process of becoming a part of the European Union is one that will continue to benefit this tiger economy and continues to support the people of Ireland for many years to come. The few disadvantages of this joint-venture so to speak, is the fact that even though Ireland will have the support of this group, they will lose control of their economy for the most part, and as well, they will be the small dogs who won’t have a significant say in the affairs of the EU. This isn’t a direct downside however, it can be seen as a negative disadvantage....
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