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The little things give you away analysis

The little things give you away analysis - I mean nothing...

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The little things give you away analysis! ok, its obvious this is about the Katrina incident and our nations response to it. lI will now break it  down for any simple minded cretin following this post.  'Don't want to reach for me do you?  I mean nothing to you  The Little Things Give You Away  And now there will be no mistaking  The levees are breaking  All you've ever wanted  Was someone to truly look up to you  And six feet under water  I do"  The chorus symbolizes Bush's reaction to Katrina. In the beginning of the chorus, Chester speaks  as a victim of Katrina as if saying to bush:  "Don't want to reach for me do you? 
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Unformatted text preview: I mean nothing to you" the middle of the chorus is self explanatory and the end of the chorus is about the bands opinion of what bush had always wanted during his presidency/life: "All you've ever wanted Was someone to truly look up to you" and the last lines are Chester speaking as a Katrina victim again "And six feet under water I do" The only other part of the song that isn't chorus is pretty easy to determine the meaning of: "Hope decays Generations disappear Washed away As a nation simply stares" Bush's delayed evacuation of new orleans....
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