My World Suddenly Transforms

My World Suddenly - Will she love me back(Instrumental Chorus – 8 Bars Seeking shelter from the rains The problems do arise Begin to cloud my

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My World Suddenly Transforms The sun has fled the flashing sky, The rain’s been coming down! Clouds begin to thunder loudly, My world suddenly transforms. Sending the world seeking shelter, The City prepares for the worst, I feel the tension, always building, Where has the peace gone? (Short Intro Instrumental – 2 bars) I watched her softly, She moved through the town, Fascination warms me, A strange sensation touches my heart. She stole my love from within my heart, I never before fell so hard, Still I wonder, truly wonder,
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Unformatted text preview: Will she love me back? (Instrumental Chorus – 8 Bars) Seeking shelter from the rains, The problems do arise, Begin to cloud my vision, Of what I really want! I see her face on the sky, The sun still hiding high, The heart still wonders, as I wonder, How can this be? As the rain still pours, Fallin softly on my head, While I wonder, still I wonder, Will she love me back? (Instrumental Into – 2 bars) Clouds begin to thunder, Rains still wander, My world suddenly transforms, As I wait for love!...
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