Positioning Strategy Recommendations

Positioning Strategy Recommendations - Positioning Strategy...

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It is clear due to the market analysis that the Girl Scouts of America has room to grow and sectors to gain in the marketplace for young women. In our opinion, we believe that a few basic themes are going to need to be established for the Girl Scouts in order for them to successfully reposition themselves and gain new membership while maintaining their current members. The following themes should be established through the communication and promotion strategies that we recommend following this section. The first reposition basic theme that needs to be established is the technological aspect of the Girl Scouts. It is one of the fundamental principles of this age, yet something that the Girl Scouts do not fully use or incorporate into the programs. According to Lamb Hair McDaniel’s marketing text, MKTG , the Tweens are those ages 8 to 14, and the Generation Yers are born between 1979 and 1994. Therefore, these two groups should probably be the primary focus of the Girl Scouts and since both have been “exposed to the Internet and 24-hour cable TV news at a young age” (Lamb 35), they will both have much technology knowledge and be looking for technology in the activities and products they invest time and money in. Therefore, it is necessary that the Girl Scouts partake in this technology craze happening for these generations. According to a marketing research firm operated by Microsoft advertising solutions, a case study claims that “One in three US teens says they can’t live without their games console. Out of 18,000 young people around the world, almost 70 percent said the first thing they did after turning on their computer was to check IM” (Microsoft). This further goes to demonstrate the facts that the youth of today are utilizing technology more than ever. Now the Girl Scouts can see why to advance into this age of technology but the how is the more difficult question. One of our recommendations is to bring in a new technological aspect of education to the
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Positioning Strategy Recommendations - Positioning Strategy...

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