Jews and The Ren

Jews and The Ren - James Andreoli Prof. Sean Roberts...

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James Andreoli Prof. Sean Roberts Assignment Jews and the Renaissance Jewish life in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Jewish people have experienced many types of persecution whether it is through the Holocaust or through general hate by Christians. This is clearly illustrated by both Lester Little in “The Jews in Christian Europe” and Dana Katz’s “the Contours of Tolerance: Jews and the Corpus Domini Altarpiece in Urbino.” Both of these demonstrate the Jewish persecution during two different times. In Little’s work he describes the Middle Ages, whereas Katz describes the Renaissance. In both cases, the treatment of the Jews is similar and different as demonstrated by the persecution of this group. During the middle ages, Jews came “nearer to merging into the rest of the European population than at any other time” (Little 277). The need for the Jews to assimilate into the culture of the European Christians presented itself with the continuing persecution faced by this Religious group. The Jewish community often times chose to live together either “in one street
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Jews and The Ren - James Andreoli Prof. Sean Roberts...

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