assgn 3 - James Andreoli Professor Roberts"Travels of Marco...

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James Andreoli Professor Roberts 2-15-08 “Travels of Marco Polo” When reading the accounts of travels of merchants during the Renaissance, one might expect that a very detailed account is present. However, when pondering the Travels of Marco Polo , a reader finds that many important details are left out of the account. Whether or not this is because the account is false is debatable. Nevertheless, one can deduce that many important details have been left out of the account. This is a strange observation and it offers an interesting discussion of the subject. With all of this talk of what did not appear in the text, perhaps it would behoove the discussion to talk about what is discussed in the text. One of the main points of discussion in the text refers to astrology. For example, “There are in the city of Kanbalu…about five thousand astrologers…they have their astrolabes, upon which are described the planetary signs, the hour and their several aspects for eh whole year” (145). Astrology played an important role in the Renaissance times as it was utilized to discuss whether patterns, and for horoscopes to determine how leaders should act. It is clear that because of the importance of Astrology during this time, Marco Polo discusses this during the text several times. He goes on to mention it again when he discusses how the ruler of a city moved the capital based on astrology. “His majesty was informed by the astrologers, that it was destined to become rebellious to his authority and
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assgn 3 - James Andreoli Professor Roberts"Travels of Marco...

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