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James Andreoli Professor Sean Roberts Arlt 100 Renaissance Vespucci Letters Assignment Europeans and the Americas Europeans historically have been interested in the Americas, especially before much was known about the Americas during the Renaissance. This is apparent with Amerigo Vespucci’s letters to his sponsor on his trip. He writes several letters discussing the findings when he arrives in the Americas; these “ newly ‘discovered’ territories”. The information that Vespucci gives of his travels to the America’s is different from the typical information that one might expect to find! In Vespucci’s first letter, he describes heir first impression of the land and he describes the “land we found so full of trees it was a great marvel” (4). He describes the facts that they never shed their foliage and their sweet scent. As well, he discusses that the sea becomes “fresh as a river” (4) and they drank from it. Vespucci then goes on to describe the river and foliage that was so thick “a bird could barely fly through it” (5). The marvel of the land and the amount of animals and plants that it had with the many colors were a chief discussion topic of the men in the letters. He also goes on to mention that “we had no shadow at all: many times I pointed this out to the entire company” (6). He also describes the location in terms of longitude and latitude. Vespucci also goes on to describe the encounters with the people who were peaceful and joyful to give the men whatever they desired. He also describes how they left the groups as friends on friendly terms.
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AmerigoVespucci - James Andreoli Professor Sean Roberts...

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