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James Andreoli Buad 104X LinC Dublin Assignment 1 Ireland’s Trajectory Ireland is experiencing a hardship of financial times right now and is expected to only further progress along a path of decline. With housing expected to fall at least ten percent within the year, and the general markets will continue to decline as GDP is expected to grow more slowly than previous predictions, Ireland’s future is looking bleak. Some Irish analysts are claiming that things are not as bad as they appear, but a definite decline is apparent. Some factors that will be influencing this downward spiral include America’s decline in financial markets, which in turn is adversely affecting Europe. Likewise, the declining housing markets in
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Unformatted text preview: America will also affect the housing markets globally. Ireland has the will to prevent a serious recession, and right now, it is not recessing per se but just growing at a slower rate, but it will be a struggle for the Irish people to maintain their economy without significant decline. The Irish people will need to continue the research and development of technologies in order to progress to a future that is different from their recessionary past. The previous economic expansion Ireland experienced came to an en, bit it is still possible to prevent a recession. As long as interest rates and taxes for business remain low, a possible solution to Ireland’s economic problems will arise....
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