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I would be an ideal candidate for this program because I have a passion for business, and the environment I currently work in is based heavily on international relations. Business has been my passion for a long time, working as a customer service representative. And now, as I earn my degree in Business Administration, I am eager to learn about business in other locations outside of America. My grandfather owns a firm called Baker Commodities Incorporated, and we do a lot of business outside of the United States. Thus, I feel it is necessary to acquire knowledge of how businesses operate outside of our country. Especially European Business. I have worked in a fast-paced business environment for several years, and it makes has taught me so much about business. The Business Organizational Behavior class I am currently taking, as well as Macroeconomics class I am taking, have taught me so much about business. I would love to learn about how businesses are organized in Europe or other locations, as well as
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