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TEST TIME CONSIDERATIONS PRENATAL VISIT CONCEPTION – 28 WEEKS: Q4WEEKS 29-36 WEEKS: Q2-3 WEEKS 37 WEEKS – BIRTH: WEEKLY ULTRASOUND 12-20 WEEKS 1)Detects some fetal abnormalities 2)Determines gestational Age 3)In the 2 nd trimester, a full bladder elevates the uterus for better quality GLUCOSE SCREEN 24-28 WEEKS 1)50g 1 hour test, if (+) followed by 100g 3 hour test 2) Those with risk factors tested earlier – 1 st prenatal visit ANTI-Rh ANTIBODY TEST 3 RD TRIMESTER 1) Done if mother is Rh(-) 2) Receives RhoGAM at 28 weeks if sensitized ALPHA-FETOPROTEIN SCREEN 16-18 WEEKS (MSAFP) 1)If elevated, ultrasound performed to
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Unformatted text preview: assess cause 2)Screening at 16 weeks allows time for more comprehensive testing MULTIPLE MARKER SCREENING 16-18 WEEKS 1)Includes MSAFP, hCG, unconjugated estriol, and Inhibin A 2)Higher detection rate, lower false (+) rate than MSAFP alone CHORIONIC VILLUS SAMPLING 10-12 WEEKS 1)Results earlier than amnio 2)Limb reduction if done before 10 weeks AMNIOCENTESIS Midtrimester or Third trimester 1)Midtrimester for chromosome abnormalities, fetal condition, Dx infection, and AFAFP 2)Third trimester to assess fetal lung development...
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