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history test 2 - Test#2 Tuesday 10:35 AM Test#2 Ancient...

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Unformatted text preview: Test #2 Tuesday, September 18, 2007 10:35 AM Test #2 Ancient Greek Civilizations- have a lot more surviving sources • Discovery of New Civilizations • Usually begin with Homer- 750 BC- the Archaic Period • Begin at 2000 BC- 2 early Greek civilizations were discovered- very rare o Homer - "The Illiad-" -warfare and "The Odessey" - post war; set the stories in the murky distant past. Writing long beautiful poems, equivalent would be us writing long poem set in period of Christopher Columbus. Many Greeks believed that somewhere in the distant past these stories were true, starting around the Enlightenment- 18 Century people started to believe that Homer made up the stories. In Modern Period people thought the Trojan War is made up in Homer's head to tell the good stories- why he set them in the past. Troy was seen as a fantasy in the Modern Period. o Heinrich Schliemann- born in Germany in 1822, father was merchant and heavy drinker, poor family. Could not afford to go to school, self educated motivated student who loved the stories of Homer- almost obsessed. In 1850 leaves Germany to go to California to find gold. Schliemann set up a business selling supplies to minors and bought the gold off of them. Merchant who makes a fortune supplying minors. He can now follow his dream of finding Troy- believed Homer was writing about a real place, had the desire and motivation and money to find it. Many people thought he was crazy. Tried to find it by using "The Iliad" as his guide "high on a hilltop surrounded by a windy plan, 2 rivers that run by it, one that is hot and one that is cold. (narrow waterway that connects the black sea into the Mediterranean) He went to Turkey and started looking, talking to locals trying to find Troy. Starts to dig at large mound, heard townspeople talking about it, and as he starts digging he begins to find giant massive walls, evidence of a great city that had been destroyed by fire. As he is digging he comes upon treasure, gold jewelry and cups. He claims that he discovered the Treasure of King Priam , Jewelry of Helen of Troy. Know now the gold he found was much earlier than the date of the Trojan War, maybe he bought some gold and planted it there. All over the headlines that he might have discovered Troy, know do believe he found Troy, but digging he destroyed it, since he did not do it as an archeologist. Scholarly reaction is disbelief; but some still do not believe that he found Troy o Mycenaean Civilizations -Went off to try and find other cities that Homer...
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history test 2 - Test#2 Tuesday 10:35 AM Test#2 Ancient...

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