Speech 4 Outline - Introduction If anyone has watched the...

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Introduction If anyone has watched the news over the past few years or have seen Al Gores “An Inconvient Truth,” you know that the earth we live in is approaching a global crisis. Global warming is becoming more of a truth than fiction. This new threat upon the global community has called many great scientists and engineers around the world to reduce the effects of global warming and potentially stop it from causing any climatic changes. One way is through the use of alternative fuels. Not only will alternative fuels help solve the environmental issues we have facing us, it will also offer a solution to the energy crisis we have as well. Thesis The types of fuels used today and the way they are used have caused a global energy crisis and hydrogen fuel is the answer to this rapidly developing problem. Main Points Problem at hand Solution devised Advantages/Disadvantages I.) The problem world economy has at hand A.) Oil/fossil fuel productions are not infinite 1.) Oil/fossil fuels are a finite resource 2.) estimated depletion at about 2050 a. only if oil consumption annually rises at 1.4% 3.) Developing countries consuming more oil a. China’s oil consumption doubled over past 5 years b. India oil consumption increased 11.6% between 2001-2006 B.) Countries heavily reliant on fossil fuels 1.) 86.5% of worlds energy from burning of fossil fuels 2.) Heavy reliance will cause catastrophic consequences on countries a. US reliant on other countries oils b. OPEC control 70% of proven oil supply c. OPEC accounts for 51% of oil supply d. Had problems with OPEC in the past 1. When they came to existence U.S. refused to recognize them
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Speech 4 Outline - Introduction If anyone has watched the...

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