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Joseph McCormack Louise Nadler English 102-45 Audience: Class 3. The writer uses many images in his writing about photographs and what they do for the soul of a body in a photograph. I really like this description of the image of a Viet Cong man about to get shot in the head and what the image sends off. The image is obviously a very shocking one and I think he does a great job of describing it when he says that “…picture took on a life of its own.” He knows that photographs can have a major impact on the way people perceive certain things because he also mentions that the person in that picture who is killing the
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Unformatted text preview: man just had his best friend’s family slaughtered by that same man he is killing. I believe the language he used was correct and everything he said was on point. The details described how he doesn’t want to be in pictures because he believes with everything picture you are in, you are taking a piece of your own soul away. 4. He compares pictures with war by saying that “War is merciless, bloody, and by definition it occurs outside the orbit of due process.” War is bad thing to this writer and he obviously thinks that pictures are too. They both represent the same thing for him....
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