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English.MHR 633 Q1

English.MHR 633 Q1 - at pieces of art differently Whether...

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Joseph McCormack Louise Nadler English 102-45 Audience: Class MHR pg 633 Q1-Rhetoric I think Foster’s purpose in writing this essay was to tell people that they should explore their minds more when they are examining a piece of art. Often time’s people look at art and just assume something or they think they get the main point when in reality they are not getting the point at all. The response I think Foster wants is for people to take it positively and start to look
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Unformatted text preview: at pieces of art differently. Whether it is a painting from a famous painter or just simply a photograph I think Foster wants people to explore their minds and judge it differently than they normally would. He states that “Not looking at art leads to one goal only.” I think he means by this that u cannot just look at art with one goal in mind and you need to see it from different views and perspectives....
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