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English.MHR 593 Q1 - services The reality is some look down...

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Joseph McCormack Louise Nadler English 102-45 Audience: Class MHR 593 Writing Q1 Television is used these days to sell ideas to the public and inflict thoughts into their heads. When you see a commercial that is patriotic it almost makes you want to get up and do something that is going to help America out. If someone is seen as being successful on television then a thought would pop into your head that you need to get up and make yourself successful. Often time’s peoples stories of how they grew from poverty into a CEO of a company can make you believe that anything can happen. Only in America can the lowest class of a person can make it to the highest class in America. Success stories about love, freedom, and democracy are all made into commercials. It would only make sense that they make the best commercials since a major portion of the population watches television. Stories about people finding love on dating services brings people joy and the assumption that love could really find them too with the help of some dating
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Unformatted text preview: services. The reality is some look down dating services and often times it never works, but the commercials are there it seems like for the ones who get suckered into it. You have to have a pretty weak personality to get suckered into some commercials that are on television. Everyone’s parents always say that you can’t believe everything you see on TV. Some car commercials show that you can weave in and out of traffic at high speeds. If you honestly believe these commercials, then you will end up dead very fast or you will end up broke spending your money on expensive cars. Another commercial that suckers people in is those weight loss pills. Taking enough of those can kill you and I have yet to meet anyone in my life that says they have actually worked. Television just cannot be trusted, and if you do trust it, then you probably have bigger issues to deal with....
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English.MHR 593 Q1 - services The reality is some look down...

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