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English.MHR 692 Q2 - They also tend to concentrate on their...

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Joseph McCormack Louise Nadler English 102-45 Audience: Class MHR pg 692 Q2 Cole’s believes parents have difficulty explaining ethics to their children because most parents don’t think that their children are developed enough in the mind to understand what they are saying. They try to blame their children’s bad actions on society. They believe society is the cause to all problems with their children and that virtually their children can do no wrong.
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Unformatted text preview: They also tend to concentrate on their childs development of what they should think about people, and mainly what they as parents believe in. Most parents try to preach to their children what is right and what is wrong or who are good people and who are bad people. This isn’t right because most children tend to figure out themselves that they have their own mind and can think however they want too....
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