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English.MHR 589 Q4 - nice to him He also mentions that Milt...

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Joseph McCormack Louise Nadler English 102-45 Audience: Class MHR 589 Rhetoric Q4 I believe the purpose of mentioning his mother’s boyfriend names Milt was to show that part of his memory of the black lagoon was that he also remembers Milt. He mentioned that Milt was more like a brother to him which may have stuck in his mind that this guy Milt was actually
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Unformatted text preview: nice to him. He also mentions that Milt was a calm man because he was in his early forties. These two paragraphs culminate rhetorically similarly to a horror movie because just like in a horror movie he was describing the setting for the reader just as you would get a whole shot of the room right before something happens in a movie....
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