MS 10 Final Review

MS 10 Final Review - MS 10 Final Review 100 Multiple Choice...

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MS 10 Final Review 100 Multiple Choice Questions – 2 Bonus Questions (5 points each) – written Kamakazi bombing of U.s naval forces made us reconsider invading Japan – new decision for atomic bomb Hezbollah used suicide bombing in Berut The Oslo were between Israel and Palenstine in 1994 1990s Hamas constructed a How-To bombing video suicide bomber filmed their videos before they performed in order to console family members, bring a sense of respect and honor home, point of no return in the film that we saw, The Brotherhood of Muslims, formed in Egypt in 1928 by Hussein Albana – brought them together because he felt the British brought asjdflald; in Egypt The radical groups that came from the Muslim Brotherhood was called the secret apparatus After the bombing of the British in 2005, sent a message to U.S. saying we must withdraw western influences, including oil The roman empire suffered many ---- about a millennium ago Europe was in immediate power struggle after WW II – vulnerable to communism The Soviet Union had been given the title of a super power in the 1950s because of the development of a large land force – something about communism France, Italy, and Greece suffered from instability after WW II – Marshall Plan Marxis Insurgence encouraged communism Moscow and Bejing did not see that their newly formed communist counties would be defiant against them as they were agiasnt the west Insurgencies in Phil, Cuba, Vietnam, and El Salvador were – social disparities In the Sudan, black insurgance from south fought arabs in north from racial, ethnic, linguistic, and religious differences Mo SO TUmb was popular for revolution struggle in China in 1920s The Curds revolted against Sunni of Iraq in 80s and 90s for religious and etnic reasons
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MS 10 Final Review - MS 10 Final Review 100 Multiple Choice...

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