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Jon Patty Government April 9, 2008 Born into Brothels The Brothels of India are believed to be the biggest center for underage prostitution in the world. With an estimated 12,000 girls and women that the UN’s International Labour Organization believes are trafficked every year from Nepal to work in the brothels of India’s megacities. Other agencies believe the figure to be much higher. In Mumbai alone there may be as many as 35,000 Nepali girls working in the city’s notorious red-light district, giving Nepal the dubious distinction of being the largest exporter of trafficked women in South Asia. Many are tricked into leaving their homes with the promise of a well-paid job. Some are abducted. Others are sold by their own families. In the movie a photographer came in and starts to help these young girls and boys by introducing them to photography. She hoped that photography would allow them a passage way to get out of the brothels. Her plan was to get them to take picture's so she could put them in an art show and sell them so they
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Unformatted text preview: could use the money to go to school. What she found out when she started trying to get the kids into school was that no school would take them because of their parents involvement in prostitution. She eventually found a way to get the schools to accept most of them, but in the end only 3 of the kids actually stayed in school. The kids ended up taking a lot of really good pictures and were able to get there pictures in to an art show. One of the kids, Awijit, was asked to participate in a childrens photography class. In which they take a couple of kids from all around the world that have amazing skills in photography and bring them to the United States for a week and teach them more things about photography. All in all I think the trip was successful for the woman. She did what she set out to do. She may not have done it on the scale that she wanted to but at least she actually cared enough about these kids and had the resources to do something about it....
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