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Jon Patty UIN 716007195 Analysis of A&M Traditions Texas A&M’s tradition is one of the biggest “selling points” that the University has. This university has amazing academics and sports, but nothing in the country can compare to the traditions in College Station. One of my favorite traditions at Texas A&M is the “12th man tradition”. This could also be called a social ritual. A social ritual is a set of actions, often thought to have symbolic value, the performance of which is usually prescribed by a religion or by the traditions of a community. With rituals come a certain form of trust. This may sound odd ,but if you really sit down and think about it ,it makes sense. Many rituals and traditions require a group of people, not just a single person or pair of people. The ritual requires them to work together toward something which then develops into trust. As far as social solidarity is concerned trust is a necessity. With social solidarity people in a community are required to work organically together.
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