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Unformatted text preview: Quiz #4 NAME:_______________________________________________ MA 223, Engineering Statistics Spring 2008; 10 points possible CM Box #:_________________________ Chapter 5, Probability and the IID Assumption Due Date: Monday , April 14 at the beginning of class . Answer each of the following. Show ALL of your work and label your answers clearly. For each of the following data collection situations, analyze the random order plot, the time series plot, and the lag plot. Based on these plots, are you comfortable with assuming that the population or process which is being sampled is stationary/stable? That is, are you comfortable assuming that the data satisfies the assumption that it is independent and identically distributed? Be as thorough as possible in your responses. 1. [2 pts] The SO 2 concentration (in ppm) in air samples collected at the Terre Haute airport is recored every week for approximately 4 years. The following plots are a random order plot, a time series plot, and a lag plot (in that order) for the data. lag plot (in that order) for the data....
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Quiz_4 - Quiz #4...

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