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Test2_FinalEdit_Fall2007 - Engineering Statistics I Math...

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Engineering Statistics I; Math 223 Test 2, Fall 2007-2008; 100 points Name _______________________________ __ _______________________ Instructions: There are 7 problems on this test. The point value of each problem is indicated next to it. You may use the front and back sides of two 4 x 6 notecards with whatever handwritten material you have transferred onto it. The material may include examples, homework problems, formulas, Maple commands, diagrams, symbols; i.e., basically anything. I’m providing you with a standard normal table for this test. You may use a clean Maple worksheet, a clean Minitab worksheet, and/or a calculator on this test. You should not have any use for anything other than a calculator, though. Clearly indicate your final answers by circling them. Please give decimal approximations correct to at least 2 places, unless indicated otherwise. Even if you are using Maple to evaluate an expression, still write down the mathematical formula (e.g., summation), expression (e.g., integral), or equation you are using to do the problem. Points will be deducted, even if you supply the correct answer , if you do not have the correct mathematical set up of the problem. Please indicate when you have used Minitab to assist with a problem. Include Minitab commands or functions used on a problem. Number of Points Page 1 (12 points) Page 2 (12 points) Page 3 (12 points) Page 4 (20 points) Page 5 (12 points) Page 6 (18 points) Page 7 (14 points) Total (100 pts)
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1 1. Simple Linear Regression Concepts Multiple Choice (12 pts 4 pts each) For each of the following, select the correct answer. [1.1] A least squares regression line is fit to the weight (in kilograms) of a group of children between the ages of 12 and 36 months. The equation of the fitted line is , where is the predicted weight and is the age in months. The slope of the least squares line tells us that: (A) the relationship between age and weight is linear. (B) there is a strong positive correlation between age and weight. (C) babies in this group gain an average of 0.27 kilograms per additional month of life. (D) babies in this group, on average, weigh 6.9 kilograms at birth. (E) Both (C) and (D) are correct. [1.2] Research is done to see whether taking oral contraceptives increases women's blood pressures. The blood pressures of women who take oral contraceptives are compared to the blood pressures of women who do not take oral contraceptives. A complicating factor is that the women who take oral contraceptives tend to be younger than the others. This must be taken into account because blood pressures increases with age.
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Test2_FinalEdit_Fall2007 - Engineering Statistics I Math...

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