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Homework Set #1 NAME:__________ SOLUTIONS _________ CM:_____________ MA 223, Engineering Statistics Spring 2008; 15 points possible Due date: Tuesday , March 11 at the BEGINNING of class . You may work together on thinking through these problems, but what you turn in must be your own individual write up and work. Please show as much work as possible. When in doubt about what to include, include it! It’s much easier to give partial credit when the work is all available. Please clearly label your graphs – including axes … 1. [+2] Quality engineers at an industrial fastener company have the responsibility for assessing the quality of outgoing products. One product of interest is a certain type of bolt produced and sold to auto manufacturers and other manufacturing firms in shipments of tens of thousands of items. To assess the quality of the current shipment of 15,000 bolts, inspectors obtain 100 bolts from the shipment and subject them to various quality tests and measurements. For this problem, we will focus on thread pitch measured on the 100 bolts. (a) What is the target population? The target population is the current shipment of 15,000 bolts . (b) What is the variable of interest from the target population? The variable of interest is the thread pitch of a bolt . 2. [+2] One of the biggest culprits of statistical misrepresentation caused by bad sampling is surveys done on the Internet to capture opinions of all Americans. Give two different reasons why these surveys fail to represent the target population. Possible responses:
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Set_1_Solutions - Homework Set#1 NAME_SOLUTIONS CM MA 223...

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