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Quiz #3 NAME:_________________ KEY _________________________ MA 223, Engineering Statistics Spring 2008; 10 points possible CM Box #:_________________________ Chapter 3, Correlation and Simple Linear Regression Date: Friday , March 28 at the BEGINNING of class . Answer each of the following. 1. [2 pts] For each of the following bivariate data situations, indicate what you would expect to be the value of the Pearson sample correlation coefficient, . Be as specific as possible; for example, if the data set consists of measurements of femur length ( x ) and heighth ( y ) for randomly selected Rose students, a good answer would be “Positive and close to 1”. (a) [0.5 pts] The “Lucky Dogs” street vending company collects data monthly on the number of Lucky Dogs sold ( x ) and the gallons of mustard used ( y ) at each of their hot dog wagons. There is likely to be a strong correlation between these two variables; as hot dog sales increase it is reasonable to believe that mustard use will also increase. POSITIVE and CLOSE TO 1 STRONG POSITIVE CORRELATION (b) [0.5 pts] Donnie Dunker, a doughnut enthusiast and avid Chicago Bears fan, has for twenty
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This note was uploaded on 04/24/2008 for the course MA 223 taught by Professor Devasher during the Spring '08 term at Rose-Hulman.

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Quiz_3_KEY - Quiz #3 NAME:_KEY_ MA 223, Engineering...

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