Q3_a - Introduction to Sociology Quiz 3...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Sociology Quiz 3 Name:__________________; Score:_________________________ 1. How do Reskin and Padavic define sex inequality at workplace? (A) Sex segregation at the workplace; (B) Sex differences in promotions and authority; (C) Sex differences in earnings; (D) All of the above. 2. Which of the following statements on sex segregation in the workplace in the United States is NOT correct? (A) It was firmly established in the beginning of the twentieth century; (B) Women were important labor force during World War II; (C) Title 7 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act made it illegal for sexual discrimination at work; (D)None of the above. 3. Which of the following theories attribute womens concentration in low-paid and low- skilled jobs to womens lack of required skills, education and experiences? (A) Gender-role socialization; (B) Human-capital theory; (C) Homosocial reproduction; (D) Statistical discrimination....
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Q3_a - Introduction to Sociology Quiz 3...

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