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Conor Cook English 268A October 11, 2007 Race and Ethics The Equal and Opposite Theory In 1687, Isaac Newton published his three laws of classical mechanics, the third which states in sum: to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This theory, so brilliant in its simplicity, has proved to be true through history in a variety of different social scenarios, and in this case, it offers an interesting perspective through which to discuss American race issues. One of the great black leaders and orators of the early 20 th century, Booker T. Washington wrote, "One man cannot hold another man down in the ditch without remaining down in the ditch with him." Though his analogy is different as he addresses race issues directly, his perspective relates to Newton’s and will be the other guiding compass in attempting to grapple with the elusive topic of race and ethics. In looking at film, history, and literature, it seems that America’s Creed, and our consciousness of this creed, provides grounds on which racial and ethical dilemmas have and can continue to progress by way of the basic rights the Creed promises that allow for a give and take between conflicting groups of thought. The American Creed “is the cement in the structure of this great and disparate nation.” 1 Attempting to rectify the rights and wrongs of in nation, Americans turn back to this lofty social and political code which was laid out by our founding fathers over three centuries ago. Promising the basic rights of freedom, equality, and justice, the Creed ties together the myriad of peoples that compose this country and oftentimes have little in 1 Myrdral 3
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common besides the belief in these American ideals. John Higham writes in his book
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American Creed etc - Conor Cook English 268A Race and...

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