Othello vs Hamlet

Othello vs Hamlet - Othello vs Hamlet Shakespeares...

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Othello vs Hamlet Shakespeare’s protagonists Othello and Hamlet are for the most part, completely unalike in the ways that they handle the many emotions thrown at them in their respective plays. Othello is the victim of a twisted villain; Hamlet bears a distinct solitude and has a tendency to procrastinate. Othello is a story centered on the manipulations of an insecure newlywed, while Hamlet is centered on an idealistic avenger of justice. Hamlet is smarter, and with maybe the exception of his confidante Horatio, is surrounded by a massive array of idiots. Othello, on the other hand, is the only idiot in the end. Despite the difference, there are a few notable similarities in the ways that Hamlet and Othello deal with emotion. For the most part, Hamlet and Othello seem to handle anger similarly. One thing that they are both guilty of when angry is the mistreatment of women. This act was shunned in the settings of both plays. When Hamlet’s father has just died, and his brother has taken the throne and married his wife, Hamlet is disgusted. In a private meeting with Gertrude, his mother, he expresses his strong disapproval. He begins, “you have my father much offended”(III, iv, 11), and continues to berate her: “you are the queen, your husband’s brother’s wife”(III, iv, 16). When she asks what makes Hamlet “so rude against her”, he tells her that what she’s done “takes off the rose from the fair forehead of an innocent love, and sets a blister there”(III, iv, 43-44). He then lambasts her for sleeping “in the rank sweat of and enseamed bed, stewed in corruption, honeying and making love over the nasty sty-“(III, iv, 93-94). She cuts him off here because she is so offended. “O, speak to me no more”(III, iv, 95), she says. He continues to insult her, telling her, “confess yourself to heaven, repent what’s past/ and do not spread the compost on the weeds to make them ranker”(III, iv, 150-154). This of course is Hamlet’s attempt to try and find if his mother took part in his Father’s murder. Othello is
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also guilty of similar misogynistic squalor. Iago, the real villain that Othello is unaware of, has manipulated him into thinking that his wife, Desdemona, is sleeping with Cassio, Othello’s lieutenant. Iago stages a handful of situations to prove the accusation against Desdemona, and Othello is almost completely convinced. Desdemona innocently loses a handkerchief that eventually makes
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Othello vs Hamlet - Othello vs Hamlet Shakespeares...

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