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Final Principles Rooks

Final Principles Rooks - Practice Final Examination...

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Practice Final Examination – Principles El Camino College 1. Which of the following is NOT a test to determine whether an item is a fixture? A. Adaptability C. Intention B. Date of purchase D. Agreement 2. When an improvement is permanently attached to real property it becomes: 3. Which of the following is NOT a section and township starting point? 4. How many square feet are in an acre? A. 345 C. 43,560 B. 100,000 D. 435 5. Which of the following is NOT a recognized legal method of land description? 6. 1/4 of a section is 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile and has how many acres? A. 320 C. 240 B. 160 D. 120 7. Real property consists of: 8. Which of the following is FALSE concerning a grant deed? 9. A person who is authorized by the Secretary of State to witness the acknowledgment of documents is known as a(n): 10. Grantor A conveys some property to his wife to be used during her lifetime. Upon her death, the property is to go to their daughter. In this example, their daughter would be receiving: A. an estate in remainder C. a less-than-freehold estate B. an estate in waiting D. a special limitation
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11. What is the legal process of making an instrument an official part of the county records? 12. Bob, Carla, and David own a property together as joint tenants. David decides to give his interest to his son as a wedding present. What type of interest in the property does the son obtain? 13. What is NOT one of the four unities involved in the establishment of a joint tenancy? 14. The greatest and most complete form of ownership known to the law is: A. estate at will C. estate for years B. estate in fee D. none of the above
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