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Legal 20 1. To get the information needed for the case Haring’s lawyer would have to apply the discovery tool “deposition.” A deposition is when witnesses are asked questions by the attorneys in the case. The answers are recorded by a court reporter who then furnishes the parties with a transcript of the witnesses’ testimony. By using the method of “deposition”, Haring’s attorney could find more information on the deals Christopher Moltisanti made with the alleged bidders, which he can use in court. 2. There are problems for how Christopher was treated by the police because many of his rights were violated. First, police entered the house without a warrant, which violated the 14 th amendment which “prohibits unreasonable searches & seizures of persons or their property.” Police also failed to allow Christopher from his attorney when he was in custody for the first several hours, which means he wasn’t given his Miranda rights. Also by interrogating Christopher without him
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