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ENG 230 Paper 1 - Amanda Shelly Professor Purdue ENG 230...

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Amanda Shelly Professor Purdue ENG 230 001 February 27, 2008 Things Fall Apart: Attack on Colonialism Where would the world be without colonialism? Would industrialism have happened? Would America even exist? Without colonialism, the world would be a different place. Most people view these positive affects of colonialism, and how it has shaped and revolutionized the world. The negative aspects, such as the detrimental changes to the established, native society, are never talked about. In Chinua Achebe’s novel, Things Fall Apart, he tells the tragic tale of Okonkwo’s life, family, and tribe falling apart. By doing this, Achebe uses this fictional story to share his negative opinion of colonialism. Chinua Achebe’s novel, Things Fall Apart , depicts the journey of Okonkwo, the protagonist of the novel as his life is thrown through dramatic changes with himself, his family, and his village. When Okonkwo was a child, he despised the behavior of his father. He viewed his father as lazy, and often referred to him as a woman. Okonkwo vowed to be everything that his father was not, and this drove him to be a very successful farmer, and he earned many awards and respect in his village. Because he did not want to be like his father, who was a very loving man, he did not treat his wives or his children with very much care. He often criticized his eldest son, Nwoye, because Okonkwo saw some of his father’s traits in his son. Although Okonkwo is a highly respected clansman in the village, he once got in trouble for beating his wife during the “Week of Peace.” After gaining much credibility, Okonkwo is thrown into exile to his motherland for seven
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Shelly 2 years after inadvertently killing a young boy at his friend’s funeral. When he returned to his motherland, Mbanta, his uncle and other kinsmen greet him warmly, and Okonkwo’s uncle helped him build a farm and plant yams. Although Okonkwo experienced success in Mbanta, he was deeply depressed because of his exile. His life also took a detrimental blow when he learns the Christian missionaries have completely destroyed the neighboring village of Adame. These same Christian missionaries led by the caring Mr. Brown then invade Mbanta, and try to convert the villagers without violence. Upon his return to his village of Umofia, his world was turned upside down. The Christian missionaries, led by the strict Mr. Smith, took over and built a church in Umofia. Okonkwo seemed to not even know the place that he used to live in. He was deeply disturbed by these changes and wanted to act against them. After one of the members of the Christian missionaries unmask one of the spirits, some of the villagers sought vengeance and burnt down the church. District Commissioner then met with Okonkwo and other leaders of the clan and threw them in jail. After being released, all the members of the clan met to decide what
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