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Amanda Shelly Zachary Harris CHE 231-401 Drawer #U26D TLC Experimental Procedure: 1. Obtain the pre-coated TLC plates from the TA. 2. Measure approximately 0.5 centimeters from the bottom of the plate, and draw a line using a pencil at the mark. This mark indicates the origin, and this is where the sample will be applied. 3. To apply the sample, drawn-out micro capillary tubes must be used. First the microcapillary tubes must be prepared using a Bunsen burner. This will elongate the tubes to about a foot in length, then break the tube to get two micro capillary tubes. When preparing the capillary tubes with the Bunsen burner, do not wear gloves. 4. Then to apply the sample on the plate, dip the capillary tube into the solution and hold it there for 5-10 seconds. Then place the tip of the capillary tube onto the origin of the plate and then lift the tip of the tube after the solution begins to spread on the plate. Do not let the diameter of the drop get bigger than a few millimeters. Repeat this step after the dot
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