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Amanda Shelly Zachary Harris CHE 231-401 Drawer # U26D Williamson Synthesis Experimental Procedure: 1. Use a five-milliliter conical vial and place a magnetic spin vane into the vial. Add a boiling chip in conical vial as well. Obtain the p-cresol substance and take 160 microliters of it and transfer it into a five-milliliter conical vial. To do this, use an automatic delivery pipet. 2. Obtain 260 microliters of 25% aqueous sodium hydroxide and add it to the conical vial. Mix well. Then obtain 18 milligrams of tetrabutylammonium bromide and this to the vial as well. Then add 150 microliters of propyl iodide to the solution. After adding all the components to the solution attach the conical vial to the reflux air condenser quickly. When adding the tubing to the air condenser, remember to secure the connection with copper wire. 3. Using an aluminum block, thermometer, and hot plate, heat the solution to 110 degrees Celsius. Make sure to monitor the temperature with a thermometer. Once the temperature has reach 110 degrees Celsius, allow it stand for an hour. Stir during the duration. 4. After allowing the reaction to heat for an hour, cool the mixture at room temperature. This can be a stopping point if need be. 5. Take out the spin vane in the conical vial using forceps, and rinse the spin vane using 1.0- milliliter of diethyl ether. Add the rinse to the conical vial. After adding the rinse to the mixture, then cap and shake the vial vigorously. The result should be two separate layers:
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ws prelab - Amanda Shelly Zachary Harris CHE 231-401 Drawer...

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