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Hexaphenylbenzne Step 4

Hexaphenylbenzne Step 4 - Amanda Shelly Zachary Harris CHE...

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QuickTime and a TIFF (LZW) decompressor are needed to see this picture. Amanda Shelly Zachary Harris CHE 231-401 Drawer# U26D Hexaphenylbenzene Multi-Step Synthesis Procedure Step 4 Reaction 1. Using a Pyrex centrifuge test tube, put 100-milligrams of tertraphenylcyclopentadienone and 100-milligrams of diphenylacetylene in that test tube. Since the 100-milligrams of the diphenylacetylene were synthesized in the last experiment, there might not be enough produced. If this happens, scale down the amounts in the experiment or obtain some of the necessary chemical from the TA. 2. Put in the test tube 1-mL of silicone oil using a Pasteur pipet. Then using a Bunsen burner, heat the mixture to boil over a 3-5 minute. Make sure to clamp the test tube at an angle and face it away from yourself and others. During this period of heating, the solution should turn to a dark red/purple. This part is performed in the side hood, and only two students at a time are allowed to be in the hood while using the Bunsen burner.
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