9.5.07 - Dr. Susan Foster BIOL 105 Evolution 9.5.07 I)...

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Dr. Susan Foster BIOL 105 – Evolution 9.5.07 I) History of Evolutionary Thought 1) Immutability of Species a Definition: Species, once present, do not change over time. b Firmly rooted in Western beliefs c Origin in Greek philosophy d Reinforced in Judeo-Christian culture by the Old Testament 2) Logical Extension: a Each organism can be assigned to a “type” With variation being simply imperfection b Holotype: Type specimen in a taxonomy *Usually the first individual described 3) Plato: 427-447 BC a Idealism: Two worlds exist (i) A perfect world Ideal forms exist (Eidos) (ii) An imperfect world Variation in our world is error in copying the Eidos 4) Aristotle: 384-322 BC a Did not accept Plato’s dual worlds b Believed there was a greater organization to the world (i) Scalae naturae (the great scale of nature) 5) Carolus Linnaeus: 1707-1778 (i) Natural Theologian Described species to better understand the mind of God Binomial system of nomenclature 6) Georges Cuvier: 1769-1832 (Georges Leopold Chretien Frederic Dagobert Cuvier) a Paleontologist b Anatomist c “Catastrophist” – firmly believed that evolution did not occur 7) Cuvier a Championed the idea that species could become extinct b Argued that organisms were made of highly coordinated parts, and thus he felt, were too complicated to evolve c Catastrophism: (i) Major extinctions occur
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(ii) Followed by replacement from other regions on earth. 8) The Second “No Evolution” Theory a Based on Judeo-Christian culture (i) Followed the Old Testament account of creation (ii) Species created for a purpose, by a God (iii) All species created simultaneously (iv) Species were immutable (never changed) 9) NO EVOLUTION a H1: Variable dates of creation Prediction: variable times of origin b H2: Devine Creation Prediction: single time or origin c H3: Catastrophism Prediction: all species should be found early in the fossil record I) Evolution 10) Lamarck – the first scientist to champion evolution
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9.5.07 - Dr. Susan Foster BIOL 105 Evolution 9.5.07 I)...

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