7. Ecological Imperialism

7. Ecological Imperialism - Prof. Turner The Earth...

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Prof. Turner The Earth Transformed 9.20.07 Regional to Continental Changes in States: 16 th to early 19 th Centuries I) Ecological Imperialism (Globalization of European Biota) 1) Define the Issue: a Spread of homo sapiens globally = spread of certain biota (e.g. dog) b Until the modern era, no such spread could match that associated with the early colonial period, 15 th -16 th centuries. c Europe expanded the exchange of fauna and flora among the continents and changed landscapes to meet European “vision” of use. d No where was the kind of change as dramatic as in the Americas – following the “Columbian Encounter” 2) Technological Background a By the 1500’s, sailing technology in Europe increased boat size/safety to permit trans-oceanic voyages (i.e. across Atlantic) with sufficient provisions + cargo b Columbus signifies this: why had no one sailed west before? Note: Vikings had English fisherman may have gone to Grand Bank? Spaniards to Canaries? c No intelligentsia believed the earth to be flat. Islamic scholars had calculated the circumference of the earth This knowledge was well known among European Scholars d But they knew to sail west required a voyage beyond the reach of their ships sailing capacity/storage (from Europe Westward to the Orient) e Columbus was successful because he was WRONG
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7. Ecological Imperialism - Prof. Turner The Earth...

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