Monkeyflowers - 2 plants • Findings o Alleles at most...

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Dr. Susan Foster BIOL 105 – Evolution 10.10.07 I) A Phylogeny of monkeyflowers (mimulus) and kin Ancestral type: Bee-pollinated Bees do not see well in red Need landing platform Derived type: Hummingbird pollinated [evolved twice; great similarity in independently evolved hummingbird pollinated types (parallelism)] II) Sister species Overlapping ranges No hybrids in zone of overlap Different pollinators M. lewisii: bee pollinated M. cardinalis: hummingbird pollinated Bradshaw et al. Found 66 informative [had different alleles] marker loci (microsatellites) scattered throughout the genome o M. lewisii – homozygous for one allele o M. cardinalis – homozygous for a different allele Scored 12 floral characteristics in the 465 F
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Unformatted text preview: 2 plants • Findings: o Alleles at most loci exhibited dominance o For 9 of 12 traits at least one locus explained more than 25% of variance (large-effect) o Some explained as much as 90% of the variance in a trait (Mendelian factors) The floral traits influence fitness • Measured floral characteristics and planted F 2 individuals in the wild where they naturally co-occur • F 2 individuals with large flowers and little yellow pigment are preferred by bees • Hummingbirds preferred those with lots of purple pigment and lots of nectar Bred plants that were of the M. lewisii genotype except at the YUP locus which was homozygous for the M. cardinalis allele. The purple flower was 6x more attractive to bees than the yellow hybrid....
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Monkeyflowers - 2 plants • Findings o Alleles at most...

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