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#8 - Demography - Lecture Quiz#4 x 0 1 2 3 nx 0 lx 1.00 mx...

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1 0 0 3 2 10 2 2 50 1 0 1.00 100 0 xl x m x l x m x m x l x n x x R o = T = The population is ___________ in size (growing, shrinking, or stable) Lecture Quiz #4 Demography Demography is the science of measuring the important phenomena that collectively provide numerical descriptions of a population – the number of individuals within it – their birth rates and death rates – movements of individuals between populations of the same species – the change in the number of individuals through time N now = N past + B – D + I + E N = population size (number of individuals) B = births (aka, natality) D = deaths (aka, mortality) – the “flip” side of mortality is survival I = immigrants E = emigrants
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2 Ages , or stages When information is assembled about a population, this information is usually arranged in a manner that indicates how individuals of different ages (or stages ) contribute to the population as a whole These compilations of age- or stage- specific data are called life tables
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