17. Deep Explanation

17. Deep Explanation - Prof Turner The Earth Transformed...

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Prof. Turner The Earth Transformed 11.6.07 I) Deep Explanation 1) Proximate to Distal a Deforestation (i) Land clearing Cultivation Subsidies Policy Future Market International capitalism b Proximate (i) Correlate well with environmental change explanation well given immediate conditions below (ii) Are superficial to core of human sciences c Medial (i) Correlate less well with environmental change Explain well given d Distal (i) Rarely correlate with environmental change Explained internally (ii) Are core to much of the human sciences 2) Distal = Deep explanation a Deep = the underlying fabric of social structure and human behavior b Individual actions: (i) Self interest + societal structures (ii) Political economy: set context for structures (iii) Cultural norms + historically: PE possibilities (iv) World views: identity c Each explanation follows from a theoretical foundation 3) Welfare Economics a Welfare individuals act in their own best interests as they perceive the options confronting them b Strongly related to short-term cost-benefits needs, ability to meet needs, efficiency of options c As cost-benefits change so do the environmental consequences
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17. Deep Explanation - Prof Turner The Earth Transformed...

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