2 - Hist 071 Part I

2 - Hist 071 Part I - John A Hobson an English economist...

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John A. Hobson - an English economist and imperial critic; Hobson moved to London in 1887, England was in the middle of a major economic depression; he worked with Albert Mummery to produce Hobson's contribution to economics: the theory of under- consumption. Hobson's opposition to the First World War led him to join the Union of Democratic Control. His advocacy for the formation of a world political body to prevent wars can be found clearly in his piece Towards International Government (1914). However, he was staunchly opposed to the League of Nations. Warsaw Pact - an organization of Central and Eastern European communist states. to counter the alleged threat from the NATO alliance. The creation was prompted by the integration of a "re-militarized" West Germany into NATO via ratification of the Paris Peace Treaties. The Pact lasted throughout the Cold War until certain member nations began withdrawing in 1989, following the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and political changes in the Soviet Union. The treaty was signed in Warsaw on May 14, 1955. Included: Soviet Union, , East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Albania (withdrew its support in 1961 over ideological differences, formally left in 1968) Eastern Question - in European history, encompasses the diplomatic and political problems posed by the decay of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). During the early 19th century, the positions of the Great Powers on the Ottoman Empire became clear. Russia was the power most directly concerned with the Eastern Question; Primarily concerned with control of the Black Sea and access to the Mediterranean (by acquiring the Constantinople port). The Eastern Question once again became a major European issue when the Greeks declared independence from the Sultan in 1821. Dawes Plan -
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2 - Hist 071 Part I - John A Hobson an English economist...

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