1 - Hist 071 Part II

1 - Hist 071 Part II - 15:59:00 ← 1 ← Smith create...

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Unformatted text preview: 27/02/2007 15:59:00 ← 1) ← Smith: create framework for economy to work in ← leave economy to itself ← nightwatch position taken by the state only take necessary measures ← least involvement possible ← WEALTH OF NATIONS 1776 founder of classical liberalism ← his works change world economy and replaced mercantilism as main econ theory system ← represented enlightenment values in that he argued perfectly rational favoured individuality over state control ← wanted to take power from state and give it to people - everyone enlightened enough to know and do what is best for him ← help middle class in that it stopped mercantilism that was dominated by rich who sponsored big state controlled monopolies ← ← Locke: humans come in society from state of nature only to secure individuals property rights and equla and just code of laws that is enforced by government who secures equal punishment for same crime ← people enter into commonwealt where sovereign preferably a democratic elected assembly build government that is based on the principles of free elections and the principle of separation of power between executive and legislative branch of gov ← TWO TREATISES OF GOVERNMENT 1690 was answer to glorious rev of 1688 ← huge influence on of his time was counterweight to hobbesian realism and influenced founding fathers ← represented enlightenment in that he was for more democratic and against despot with absolute power who would turn against its own people with this power ← individual can determine who is best fitted to represent their opinion ← individual property and rights have to be secured which makes all people...
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1 - Hist 071 Part II - 15:59:00 ← 1 ← Smith create...

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