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1 Animals 2 All of these organisms Have been around for A very long time! Lophotrochozoa Two animal groups included: – Lophophorata Possess a lophophore (a feeding apparatus that has hollow tentacles) – Trochozoa Molluscs, annelids Have a trochophore larva Arthropods Annelids? Like Brittany and Kevin… these two broke up! Lophophorata Trochozoa
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2 Fig. 32.13 Lophophore ecdysis (molting) See Fig. 32.12 Acoelomate Lophotrochozoa Platyhelminthes Flatworms Both free-living and parasitic (tapeworms)! Gut is incomplete Some can regenerate missing part of body, and/or produce things like double heads Sensory and muscular systems getting better developed…
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