#11 - Species Interactions

#11 - Species Interactions - Can you say "Winogradsky...

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1 Can you say “Winogradsky column”? (2008). Microscale investigations of microbial communities in coastal surficial sediments. Marine Ecology 29 (1) , 89–105. – The abstract of this new paper can be viewed at the journal web site: http://www.blackwellpublishing.com (click on “Jounals A-Z” and select Marine Ecology, then select the issue and scroll to the paper noted above. Or use the journal search engine.) Interactions between species Competition • In very broad terms, ‘competition’ is an interaction in which one organism consumes a resource that would have been available to, and might have been consumed by, another. • That is, one organism deprives another of some resource, and as a consequence the other organism grows more slowly, leaves fewer progeny, or is at greater risk of death. Classes of competition • Intra-specific – for food – for space – for mates • Inter-specific – for food – for space – NOT for mates
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2 Six classic examples of competition presented in your text • Salmonid fishes in the genus Salvelinus • The barnacles
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#11 - Species Interactions - Can you say "Winogradsky...

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