1. Intro - Great Transformation

1. Intro - Great Transformation - Prof. Turner The Earth...

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Prof. Turner The Earth Transformed 8.30.07 The Great Transformation – Global Change I) External Forcing 1) The dynamics of everything interacting on the earth is all part of what makes up the biosphere 2) Human activities impact on the physical climate system and biosphere because there is still debate on what exactly human activities are. 3) SOLAR CONSTANT a At any point in time we are constantly receiving the same about of solar energy/radiation (i) This is not true, it is changing a tiny amount over time The earth’s spin is not precise Precession: wobble – 23,000 years (ii) The earth’s orbit is becoming more eccentric Eccentricity: orbit – 100,000 years (iii) The tilt of the earth is gradually shifting Obliquity: tilt – 41,000 years b Milankovitch Cycle Nature itself changes not the amount of incoming radiation, but switches between warming and cooling periods based on the imperfections in the earth’s position/rotation. 4) PANGEA a Volcanoes being produced by plate shifting and hot spots Mt. Pinatubo eruption – 1991 (a) Aerosols and particles released into the air with the eruption (b) The little fragments of dust reflect the solar radiation and decreases amount of solar radiation and earth’s average temperatures drop II) Ocean Dynamics 5) Thermohaline Circulation
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1. Intro - Great Transformation - Prof. Turner The Earth...

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